Endless Adventure

Endless Adventure is a simple text adventure game with a twist. Text adventures have a long history and are very simple games. The player is confronted with a situation and has several options from which to choose. Depending on his choice the story unfolds in different ways.

In Endless Adventure the gamers can extend the story by adding new choices to the game. That way, the story can take any course the players can imagine. If you encounter a situation that has no choice or you think you have a great idea for a choice, feel free to add it. Note, that the story does only refer to the situations you've already encountered. Each and every choice changes the story path. Using the "go back" button and taking another choice is like being in an alternate universe. There are two reasons:

Rules for adding a choice

I've read the rules

Start Adventure English

Start Fun Adventure (comic situations allowed)English

Starte Abenteuer Deutsch